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Whilst the GBGR Team receives some welcome sponsorship and grants for it's activities, a significant proportion of expenditure is self-financed. Costs include travel, hotels, entry fees, subsistence and of course direct shooting costs - such as ammunition. In addition, there is a Team 'uniform' - a range of clothing suitable for on-range and off-range functions.
The Team seeks to raise funds through a variety of channels, but primarily through table-top sales of shooting paraphernalia, donated from the GR&P community. We welcome all sorts of donations that can be re-sold; if you have any items you'd like to donate, please e-mail us via the link below. We re-sale items at shows such as the Phoenix and Nationals, but also welcome local fund raising events at club matches. Every penny raised helps fund the success of the Great Britain Teams.

Even unwanted Red RO clothing can be turned into a useful donation for the team. All you seasoned RO's with 20 Red shirts sitting unused - please consider donating them.

Raised so far
2021 - £195:25
2022 - £295:33
2023 - £451:77 
all using .......

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