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The roles of Captain require substantial commitment; the Teams require leadership, training and inspiration. However, there are a number of backroom admin tasks to address as well; financial management with the NRA's Team Finance Committee (TFC) - which manages the Overseas Team Fund (OTF),  and the interface to the international bodies, such as the IGRF and WA1500

A small support team has been established to undertake some of these roles and relieve the Captain of some of those administrative pressures. It currently consist of  :
NRA GR&P Rep  (who is also a member of the IGRF)
2nd IRGF Rep   (each Nation has two IGRF reps)
Secretary         (also member of the NRA TFC)
and by default - the Gallery Rifle and Handgun Captains. 
This group operates against an agreed Constitution (linked above) to establish and maintain the administrative relationships with the NRA, IGRF and WA1500, and manage the GB funds through an independent bank account, to maintain transparency of any income and expenditure. Our Funding Strategy is also included above.

In addition, each shooting squad has an Adjutant, who normally travels with the team and is responsible for such things as tour travel and accommodation, venue logistics and permits etc. The adjutant is selected by the respective Captains and is an essential part of the squad.


The GBGR Managing Committee are :

  • Ash Dagger           (Chair / NRA GR&P Rep)

  • Jacky Lamb           (Secretary & TFC GR&P Rep)

  • Charles Murton     (IGRF Rep)

  • Mornè van Dalen  (Gallery Rifle Captain)

  • Dave Harris          (Handgun Captain)


Supported by :

  • Jacky Lamb           (Gallery Rifle Adjutant)

  • Sharon Bowden    (Handgun Adjutant)

  • Jim Smith              (Fund Raising)

  • Gail Podevin         (Fund Raising)

  • Neil Francis           (IT and Social Media)


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